Rules & Policies: Admission, Vehicles, Flea Market, Camping & FAQ’s


New Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



General Rules and Policies


The policies that have been adopted by the membership of the Almelund Threshing Company have been put into place to insure the safety and enjoyment of spectators, exhibitors, and members of the Almelund Threshing Show. These policies are subject to change by the ATC Board of Directors.

Show Admission


  • One complimentary admission is offered to each tractor exhibitor.  Family members/extra staff must purchase wristbands.
  • Spectators must wear the wristband on the show grounds at all times.
  • The fees for the 2023 Almelund Threshing Show are:  $25 for all three days or $15 per day (MN sales tax included in price).  Children age 12 and under are free.
  • See the camping page for new details on camping options, prices and policies.
  •  For those needing mobility assistance, golf carts are available for rent or you may bring your own and REGISTER it at the Information Building to use during the show.  Vehicle must be insured!   Sheriff’s office and designated ATC Grounds workers vehicles registered at Information Building are exempt. 

Warning – Inherent Risks of Agritourism


 Under Minnesota law, a provider of agritourism activities is not liable for injury, damage, or death of a participant resulting from an inherent  risk of agritourism.  Inherent risks include: natural hazards and conditions of land, water, and vegetation; behavior of wild, domestic, and farm animals; ordinary dangers of farm, ranch, processing, and other machinery, equipment, and structures; and, other dangers or conditions integral to an agritourism activity.   Participants assume the inherent risks of agritourism activities.    Minnesota Statute 604A.40 (2016)


Vehicle Movement Policy


This policy is in place for the safety of you and all other patrons, to ensure the safety of all people & to prevent vehicular accidents and damage to property.

Cars and trucks are restricted to parking areas, display areas and roadways. Cars and trucks may not be operated within the showgrounds during show hours except as authorized by the ATC Board for ATC operations.  Vehicles with campers will be issued a camp parking permit to allow parking near their camper.  Permit must match the vehicle license plate. Two permits are allowed per camper.

Tractors, riding lawn mowers or any other powered machinery are restricted to the tractor display area, tractor pull area, and loading dock.  Tractors, riding lawn mowers and other powered machinery are only allowed on the parade route during the daily parade.  Tractors and riding lawn mowers may not be used as transportation around the showgrounds, within the flea market area or as transportation to, and from the showgrounds to the campground.

Tractors used as people movers or for tasks relating to the show’s operations are authorized for movement by the Board of Directors.

Four Wheelers, ATV’s, golf carts & similar vehicles may be used by Threshing Company authorized personnel during the performance of their duties, and must display a Threshing Show Worker Permit.

Speed limit for all vehicles on the Threshing Company grounds is 4 MPH or the speed of a fast walk..

Personal vehicles must stay at least 50 feet from any other pedestrian transportation.

Operators of personal vehicles may not be intoxicated.

For the purpose of this policy, personal motor vehicles are defined as ATV’s, UTV’s (four wheelers and side by sides) and golf carts. Any other vehicles are not allowed.

Due to the increasing number of these vehicles being used, they are all required to be registered. Personal Vehicles may ONLY be registered for use for persons with a physical handicap and persons aged 60 and over. Proof of insurance will be required at the time of registration, you will then receive a numbered permit to hang on your vehicle allowing you to use it during the show. All of these vehicles MUST have a permit and proof of insurance in order to be operated on the grounds.

No ATV’s, UTV’s, side by sides or golf carts are permitted on the show grounds except under the following situations:

  • The vehicle must be registered at the information building
  • Registration must be displayed at all times
  • Handicapped registered vehicles must be occupied by the registered permit holder
  • Persons aged 60 and over are eligible for a permit and must occupy the vehicle.
  • Homemade vehicles will not be allowed for operation during the show, except for the daily parade, and are for display only.
  • The number of passengers on any personal vehicle is limited to the number of factory installed seats available. Passengers may not stand on, or hang from any personal vehicle in motion.

Rental golf carts (available on the grounds) are subject to the above rules.

Motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, bicycles & similar vehicles are prohibited from use on the company grounds and are not allowed. Mobility scooters are allowed.

Any violation of this policy will be cause for removal from the grounds.

This policy may be enforced by any person authorized by the ATC Board of Directors and Law Enforcement.

Lakes Area Golf Carts will be providing on-site rental carts.  Same rules apply to rental golf carts as above.   The rental booth will be located next to the Sunrise Gas Station behind the Clover Blossom School.   Handicap parking is readily available in that area.   Reservations are strongly recommended as there are a limited number of carts.  Call 763-607-2278 or 612-964-4653 to reserve a cart or for additional information.


Parking Policy:


State law dictates how much room is needed for vehicle traffic entering and leaving our lots. There are mowed strips in the East and West parking lots to help keep parking orderly.  Parking for trailers and trucks and overflow cars is available on south side of Highway 95.  Please use that space if you have a trailer!  Trailer may be left in that area overnight.  Do not park on the side of Highway 95 as your vehicle will be subject to towing.   Maximizing space is easier if this policy is followed.  The alternative is to have your vehicle towed if not parked correctly.


Advertising Policies


Any and all vendor/advertisers must adhere to the advertising rules, set by the Almelund Threshing Show advertising committee. See the advertising policy (pdf).

Exhibitor Policies


Exhibits are defined as vintage machinery and displays related to our rural heritage – such as tractors, small engines, and other farm equipment.  Automobiles that are 1957 or older are welcome.  Car clubs should make advance arrangements for entering and parking on the grounds.  Snowmobiles that are 1980 or older are also welcome.


Flea Market Policies


Manager is Kevin Lenk, 715-554-2627,  For 2023, all market spaces are filled, but call Kevin to be placed on a waitlist if someone cancels!   Market spaces are 20 feet by 40 feet.  Cost is $70 per space NON REFUNDABLE.

The Almelund Threshing Company has one of largest flea markets in the area.  Vendor vehicles with permits are allowed in the flea market area.  Please be respectful of the walking areas for the public and other vendor shopping space.   We work hard to accommodate the vendors who pay for a vending spot by making sure that they will have a fair chance to display and sell their items. 

When an exhibitor has 10% or more of their display that is actively advertising items for sale, they will have to move to the flea market area and pay for the vending space.  Exhibitors not wanting to comply with this policy will be asked to leave or stop selling their items and just display them.   Vendors are responsible for their own safety and merchandise.  The Almelund Threshing Company is not responsible for any personal injury or loss or damage to vendor’s wares or equipment.  Vendors must keep their vehicles parked during open hours.


Camping Policies


Almelund Threshing Company (ATC) has adopted a camping policy for spectators and exhibitors who wish to camp on ATC property during the annual threshing show.   Vehicles with a permit/registered at the Information Building are allowed in camping areas.  See the camping page for new details on camping options, prices and policies.

Cars and trucks are restricted to parking areas, display areas and roadways.  Cars and trucks may not be operated within the showgrounds during show hours except as authorized by the ATC Board for ATC operations.  Vehicles with campers will be issued a camp parking permit to allow parking near their camper.  Permit must match the vehicle license plate. Two permits are allowed per camper.

Parking lots are off limits to camping!  Violators will be asked to move to an open site or leave.


Tractor Pull Rules


Anyone interested in participating in any of the Almelund Threshing Show’s tractor pulls must be aware of all regulations and rules.  For information about the tractor pulls, see the Tractor Pull page.


Emergency Services


Contact 911 for all emergency assistance required on our show grounds.  Almost all of the volunteer firemen staffing the food booths are trained Emergency First Responders.   First aid kits are available at the Information Center, Sawmill, and Tractor Pull area.   AED devices are located on fire trucks and at the tractor pull announcers building.  Deputies  from the Chisago County Sheriff’s department are on site.   A land line telephone is located in our Information Building.  



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