Policies & Rules

2017 General Rules and Policies

The policies that have been adopted by the membership of the Almelund Threshing Company has been put into place to insure the safety and enjoyment of spectators, exhibitors, and members of the Almelund Threshing Show. These policies are subject to change.

Show Admission

  • One complimentary admission is offered to an exhibitor.
  • Spectators must wear the wristband purchased from the ticket shacks on the show grounds at all times.
  • The fees for the 2016 Almelund Threshing Show are as follows:
  • Show Admission: $10 for a day or $15 for all three days – Under 12 Free Camping is $10/night from the time you mark off or put your camping unit on the grounds.

Warning – Inherent Risks of Agritourism

 Under Minnesota law, a provider of agritourism activities is not liable for injury, damage, or death of a participant resulting from an inherent  risk of agritourism.  Inherent risks include: natural hazards and conditions of land, water, and vegetation; behavior of wild, domestic, and farm animals; ordinary dangers of farm, ranch, processing, and other machinery, equipment, and structures; and, other dangers or conditions integral to an agritourism activity.   Participants assume the inherent risks of agritourism activities.    Minnesota Statute 604A.40 (2016)

Vehicle Policies

To protect all spectators and visitors to the Almelund Threshing Show, we must ask that everyone follow our vehicle policies closely. See the vehicle policy: Vehicle Movement Policy(PDF)

If you are driving your vehicle on the grounds unregistered, you will be asked to immediately register it in the information bldg. or asked to park it and not use it during the show. The only person to be driving is the registered drivers with proof of insurance.. (no, friends, children, grandchildren etc.)

Doug’s Golf Cars will be on-site for rentals: Call 612 964 4653 for further info.

Parking Policy:

This is how the “Club” would like to see parking in our lots:

There are mowed strips in the East and West lots to keep it orderly. We have had problems in previous years with not parking in this fashion. State law dictates how much room is needed for vehicle traffic entering and leaving our lots. Maximizing space is easier if this policy is followed.

Please respect this policy.

The alternative is you could have your vehicle towed if not parked correctly.



Advertising Policies

Any and all vendor/advertisers must adhere to the advertising rules, set by the Almelund Threshing Show advertising committee. See the advertising policy (pdf).

Exhibitor Policies

Exhibits are defined as vintage machinery and displays related to our rural heritage. See the exhibitor policy (pdf).

Flea Market Policies

Almelund Threshing Company has ample room in the flea market and tries to accommodate the vendors that pay for a vending spot by making sure that they will have a fair chance to display and sell their items. Interested vendors can see the flea market policy (pdf).

Camping Policies

Almelund Threshing Company (ATC) has adopted a camping policy for spectators and exhibitors who wish to camp on ATC property during the annual threshing show. Camping is $10/night from the time you mark off or put your camping unit on the grounds.  Visitors to the Almelund Threshing Show can see the camping policy:Camping Policy

Parking areas are off limits to camping!  Violators will be asked to move to an open site.

Tractor Pull Rules

Anyone interested in participating in any of the Almelund Threshing Show’s tractor pulls must be aware of all regulations and rules. Policies for the tractor pulls can see the tractor pull rules (pdf).


Emergency Services

Contact 911 for all emergency assistance required on our show grounds.
A telephone is located in our information building.



17760 St. Croix Trail, Taylors Falls, MN 55084 | 651-583-2083

2017 Almelund Threshing Show – August 11th, 12th & 13th